Does Your Website Need a Privacy Policy?

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It is becoming increasingly important (and even a requirement in some states) to provide a written privacy policy to your website visitors.  You need to disclose to them how you use ANY information you collect. This applies to any information that is "personally identifiable". I recommend that you err on the side of providing a policy. Even if all you collect is a name and an email address on the "Contact Us" page.   Setting up a privacy policy is easy if you don't already have one, and privacy policy setup is included for free with every website by Gemstone Ventures.  Here are a few good reasons to make sure you are covered:

  • Many people will avoid websites that do not have a privacy policy
  • Some anti-virus and anti-malware software applications that scan internet links will blacklist a site with not policy, this makes it less likely that your site will turn up in searches when people are looking for companies that provide your services.

Here is a good article on what legal pages all websites should have: